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Use Eight House

Topic: I want to find our more on how to use the Eight House Theory

Brief introduction: I am born 1966, dec 6, (Fire-horse, month of the rat, hour of the snake). According to 8-house, I am a west-house person, but we have a south-apartment. I sit and work in the SW-sector, which is health-sector for a west-house.

Yes, since you are a WEST House person, South West sector is indeed your Health sector.

Question: Is it still health-section in a south-apartment? According to the Ba-gua sections, it is knowledge, and I sit in the marriage section of that room (SW corner), however I am facing north which is disaster in west-house.

When you use the 8house theory you should follow these steps:-

1. Determine your " 8house ". In your case, you had found out that it is the WEST house.

2. Prepare a template of it. For example, if you have tracing paper or better still, a transparency, mark out all the 8 sectors pertaining to the WEST house.

3. Next, obtain a copy of the layout plan (preferably on an A4 sized paper), find out the North to south direction of your house and mark it on the layout plan.

5. Determine the centre of the house.

4. Lastly super-impose your WEST house template onto the layout plan by placing the intersection (mid-point) and aligning it to the North to South direction of the layout plan.

For you, as a West house person under the 8house theory, all the 8 intangible forces will not change: e.g. North is Disaster; North East is longevity; East is Death; South East is irritation and so on.

You can continue to use the 8house layout plan to any house.

Questin: Is it a bad idea facing north (abit hard to change direction and still follow form-school in placing furniture) ?

You may have to ask yourself two questions first:-

1. What is the frequency of you sitting facing North in that location? Is it a long time or short period. E.g. if you do sit there for 7 or more hours, it is considered a long period.

2. If you do not sit there for more than 7 hours, then you can safely follow the shapes and form school of feng shui. But if you spent more than 7 hours, are there any other locations you can sit or try to relook (where possible) another angle to face. For example, turning your furniture 45 degrees instead?

In the last resort, if the above is really not possible, then; there are two possibilities:-

1. Use the Flying Star theory to find out the what location the North is. For example if the house chart shows that North is a very auspicous location or has a " mountain star " or both, you can activate this sector by placing objects like a solid piece of paper weigh.

2. Alternatively, if you know your `true element' e.g. strong metal, under the Pillars of Destiny, you could apply some enhancements there.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999

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Center of House

Question: I have a question for you, about the best way to take the read of a house. In your site your proposal is from the center of the house, read compass to the main entrance.Frankly, this is a traditional way practised by many FS Masters. This method of using the centre of the house can be verified by many books from various Feng Shui authors. There are many FS Masters plus you can confirm this information from so many Feng Shui books available in the book stores. These books range from authors schooled in traditional feng shui practise, experts in shapes and form school to English practioners of 9 star ki.

Some authors even come up with a novel way of photocopying an A4 sized layout, paste it on a cardboard and then use e.g. a pin to balance it. Th=e reason is to find the centre of gravity and thus consider this the centre of the house. It is particularly for a house with many `missing or protruding' corners.

Question: Others Masters say look the facing of the house, (where the building is most larger)not necessary the main entrance. Other say, the front is where the most light in to the building.

As what you mentioned are `short statements' it is difficult for me to come up with an overall view of what these practioners are trying to do.

Overall in situations where the house is `L' shaped, one can also "divide" the house into two rectangles and access the two rectangles `separately. For large houses e.g. a huge mansion, each room can also be accessed by finding the centre and using say the Flying Star chart to `map' over it.

I hope you understand that without knowing the total picture but rather a short comment, I am unable to comment on the methods. They may be correct= if they are evaluating the building. For example, some FS Masters advise to place two lamps on each side of the entrance of a building to encourage beneificial Qi to the building. For example, some departmental store exterior are always fully lighted up and one consideration is to improve on the building's Qi. This is similiar to what you have mentioned about lighting up the building.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999

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Compass Direction

I am new to Feng Shui. Can anyone advise me on how to establish directions in a studio apartment. ie. for main door, do I read it as the main door of the building or of my apartment; if my living room and bedroom are combined, how do I work that out? I'm sorry if this is really basic, but I'm a bit lost.".

There is a non-computerised module using html at Using a compass which teaches you how to establish directions for a home. To find out more, you can check this page.

In brief, even if it is a studio apartment:-

1. Obtain an ordinary compass.
2. Stand at the centre of the studio apartment.
3. Use the ordinary compass and look at the direction of your main entrance door. (The mid-point of the door). Read the compass direction.  The direction the compass is facing is considered the house's direction. For example if the compass points to South, 180 degrees, then the house is considered a " South House " under the Eight House Theory.

To find out more on how to use a compass, it would be good if you could follow the advice provided under ../fs/compass.htm Here, you should also take readings from an empty plot of land outside your home to `check' on the compass direction. Some apartments are above a electrical substation or other `magnetic' influences where the compass direction may differ by a few degrees or more.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999

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Opposite Eight House

Under the 8 house theory, my house is a `North House' and my husband's is a `North East House'. Our good & bad locations are almost totally opposite to each other. When I try to arrange the home, what should I do?

1. It is very common to have partners with `totally opposite' good and bad directions.

2. When you look for a house, compare the layout plan with both partner's 8 house template. What you need to look out for is:-

 - Where possible, look out for the `Death / Disaster ' intangible forces. Try not to buy a house with these two intangible forces flowing into the Main door entrance or your bedrooms. For the main door entrance, this is particularly more important for the breadwinner.

 - In addition to this, areas where family members spent most time should preferably be under the influence of a good intangible force e.g. Health, Prosperity.

3. In the worst case senario, you can also use the other partner as a `shield'. For example, the partner who's intangible force is spook can sleep `further' away and use the other partner as a shield i.e. he/she sleeps closer to the intangble force.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999

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