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Key Features

Our Ba Zi Features

Comprehensive Ba Zi Chart Summary


Comprehensive Report

 Version 10 Ba Zi Analysis

 Basic Analysis 4 main pillars
(ie hour, day, month & year)

 Advanced Analysis 2 houses
(ie house of life & conception)

Many ba zi analysis done by others often never consider these two important houses, thus never produced an accurate analysis

 Full Lunar Calendar calculation
with seasonal (Xia Calendar) influence analysis


Detailed Ba Zi Chart


Extremely detailed Ba Zi Chart Analysis

 All Joins and Combinations are calculated

 All Clashes, Harms, Punlishment, Self Punishment are calculated

 All Seasonal Strengths are calculated

 All Symbolic Stars are calculated
(ie. Romance, Movement, Nobleman, Academic, Arts Stars)

 All Ten Deities & Hidden Elements are calculated

 Stages of Life & Family Relationship are calculated

 House of Life & Conception are fully evaluted

Thus, giving you a very comprehensive analysis into determining your True Birth Element (weak or strong Element)


Birth Element, Favourable / Unfavourable / Wealth element and colour


 True Birth Element
(ie Weak or Strong Wood etc)

Our Ba Zi determines very accurately after performing very detailed analysis on all areas before finally identifying if you are weak or strong

 Favourable Element & Colour
(ie Fire - Red)

 Unfavourable Element & Colour
(ie Water - Blue/Black/Gray)

 Wealth Element & Colour
(ie Earth - Yellow)



Distribution of Five Element in your Chart


 Detailed Breakdown of Five Element

Allows you to understand what elements you have too much and too little of. This allows you to know which of the elements are most favourable to you etc.



Understand the Ten Deities affecting your wealth and characteristics


 Shows you all Ten Deities Luck you have

 Earned Wealth / Unexpected Wealth
 Authority / Determination
 Main Funds / Unexpected Funds
 Competitor / Friend
 Intelligence / Emotional Intelligence

This can tell you a lot about your luck and personal characteristics.


Understand your Stages of Life and Family Relationship


 Learn how is your luck at different stages of your life
(ie childhood, middle age etc)

 Learn how is your given relationship with your family
(ie your spouse, parents & children)



Understand your General Destiny


 Understand your general auspicious and inauspicious luck in your life

 Understand if you are a fortunate person or unfortunate person



Understand how your luck flow each 10-year, 5-year, Yearly & 6-monthly


 Understand your Luck Flow

 For each 10-year luck period

 For each 5-year luck period

 For each Year luck period

 For each 6-month luck period

This allows you to know how is your current luck for upto 120 years analysis.


Understand when you have Romance Luck, Nobleman Luck, Clashes and Combinations


 Detailed 10-year luck period analysis

 All Joins and Combinations are calculated

 All Clashes, Harms, Punlishment, Self Punishment are calculated

 All Seasonal Strengths are calculated

 All Symbolic Stars are calculated
(ie. Romance, Movement, Nobleman, Academic, Arts Stars)

 All Ten Deities & Hidden Elements are calculated



Understand when your luck clashes or harms so as to take extra caution


 Understand when you encounter a Clash, Harms, Punishments and Self Punishments

These usually means extremely bad period (Health) or major problems.

 Learn how to reduce Clash impact

Take precaution to reduce such inauspicious influences in your life


Learn about your Wealth Luck


 Learn about your Wealth Luck

 When will you encounter Earned Wealth luck

 When will you encounter Unexpected Wealth luck (ie higher chance of lottery)



Learn about any Career Change Luck


 Learn about your Career Luck or Migration prospects

 Whether you should have a career change or migration

 When if any should you consider a career change




Learn about your Romance Luck


 Learn about your Romance Luck

 Whether you should have any romance luck

 When if any should you consider a marriage


Learn when you have Nobleman Luck assisting you


 Learn about your Nobleman Stars

Learn if there are any such lucks assisting you in your life. These stars means lots of help are given to you in such times.



Learn when you should take extra caution about your Finances


 Learn when to take caution about your Finance

Understand, when you must take extreme caution about your finance etc.


Learn which periods in your life you should take caution


 Learn if you have any Health, Career, Finance problems.

Know when you have such problems and try to take extra precaution.


Understand what career (Wealth / Power or Authority) suits you


 Understand what careers which brings you Wealth

 Understand what careers which brings you Power & Authority

 Understand what careers which are simply more suitable for you



Seek Expert Help for even added Personalised analysis

Should you want even more added personalised analysis done and reviewed by our expert, you can add the Expert Help feature to allow you to seek any additional areas you like to us to focus in detail.

Overall, you will not get any other Ba Zi analysis as detailed as Geomancy.Net's Ba Zi analysis.

Ba Zi Premium with Expert Review

If you require additional personalised advise, you can go for our Ba Zi with Expert Review service.

Personalized Ba Zi Life Reading (Premium) with Monthly/Daily Forecast and Expert Review

  • SGD $188
  • Ba Zi Life Reading Premium Reports with personalised review done by Master Robert Lee

Annual Ba Zi Expert Review Update (Addon for Ba Zi Expert Review Clients)

  • SGD $128
  • ADDON SERVICE FOR EXISTING BA ZI PREMIUM: Update current and upcoming year Ba Zi Review which was previously reviewed by Master Robert Lee

Ba Zi Premium Self-Help Report Bundles

If you don't need any additional personalised advise, you can consider our various Self-Help Ba Zi Report Bundles.

Ba Zi Premium Self-Help Bundle

  • SGD $88
  • Gives you all the reports including the ba zi premium which gives you daily forecast.
  • Reports Included:-
    1 x Ba Zi (Premium) (For 1 person)
       - upto monthly/daily forecast
    1 x Flying Star
    1 x House Hunting
    24 x Monthly Auspicious Date

Ultimate Self-Help Bundle (For 5 persons)




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